Aegean Rhythm. Lyre

“One of the most essential and “cinematographic” Greek documentaries of the last years”

Robbie Eksiel, ETHNOS nwespaper


“Cinematographic penetrating -though it was filmed for television- and valuable ethnographically record for an” invisible “, neglected in many aspects, Greece.”

Christos Mitsis, Athinorama


“An earthy, poetic and “archival” journey in the unknown Greece from end to end, in response to the presence of the lyre as a primitive organ that resonates through time, to the music of life and death”




A documentary by Yiannis Lamprou

 for Lyre, music and life.

“Give me my Lyre and my deceitful bow, so I can remember my love’s (song), today I’m losing her.”

In this movie, Yiannis Lamprou and his associates traveled, through the Greek national tv channel Et3 show “Aegean Lyre players” and met some of the magicians of this music.

If  there is a synonym of music, then its definitely Lyre.

The myths wants Lyre to be made by the Gods.

Hermes made his first Lyre by a turtles shell and gifted it to his brother Apollo.

Since then Lyre connected with poetry. Playing was accompanied since

 ancient times the recitation of rows. Musical instrument for wassail and 

simultaneously instrument of education  and historical/political conscience, 

Lyre became synonymous,since the dawn of  Greek civilization, with music, 

poetry, education, joy or grief,  life itself.

From antiquity since today, Greek civilization has crossed  many times from East to West,   some times calm and some times stormy,  waters of the Greek  Archipelagos  and history.  Always accompanied by the Lyre,  which resonates with its soul.  And Aegean became,  besides the cradle of the Greek civilization,   the sea where Lyre  echoes in every point.

From the northern coasts of Thracian sea to Dodecanesian and  Cretan sea,  and even farther, from Constantinople to Cyprus, the sound of Lyre dresses  the greek voice in fifteen  syllable rows of   an ancient poetry but also in improvisations of heart sung couplets.


By following this trip, unjustly shed director Yiannis Lamprou dressed his own poetic images with the Thrace’s, Constantinople’s, Dodenese’s and Crete’s versions of Lyre,  attempting to hear the sound of life itself, the sounds of our civilization from Digenis  Akritas to Erotokritos. Ancient originated tunes, bound with images of today, in a documentary for music, for Hellas of the 21st century but also for life,  everyday struggle with death,  like the Brave man of  the Akritas song, who tries to bypass death,  mock him and defeat him. As a generation follows the next, as teachers educate their student in the ways of art and life, Lyre narrates with its song, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes dionysian, sometimes epic, sometimes lyric and sometimes mocking circle of life, which continues a million times sung and turbulent.

In this documentary, Yiannis Lamprou and his associates  traveled and met some of the masters.  

In Thrace Yiannis Strikos, in Elympos  of Karpathos Antonis Zografidis, from the mountains of Lasithi Yiannis Vardas, Psarantonis in Psiloritis mountain,   Vasilis Skoulas and Giorgis Skoulas form Anogia, Giorgos Kalomiris and Stelios Petrakis from Vai, Savvas Perselis from Kassos, teacher Dimitris Sgouros, Yiannis Kladakis in Rhodes, the Cretan from Ireland Ross Daly, Socratres Sinopoulos with his Constantinople style Lyra, Yiannis Kalomiris and Georgia Dagkaki and new skilful players in the festival of Halki from song to song, sing about birth, death and love.

Poetic and sometimes magical lyricism of Yiannis Lamprou’s pictures, an acclaimed virtuoso of the Greek documentary scene, met in this movie Lyre’s history, same as greek life, art and civilisation history. Sounds and lyrics with “divine” origin,  dive into images of Aegean archipelago, sometimes calm and sunny and sometimes stormy and rough, in a documentary which reveals all of the director’s passions:  folk art, ancient civilisation, nature but mostly people.

These people are the authentic figures of Greek civilisation, which we many times indifferently pass and many other times offers it’s gifts, hidden to the hasty eyes.

In movie’s photography, George Papanikolaou records this journey, inside the light of a filming that touches Lamprou’s poetry and lyricism. The cooperation with musician Panagiotis Vouzas furthermore achieves a conversation between Lyre and modern music.

Viewer will have the the opportunity to taste many authentic recording by real virtuoso Lyre players. Besides artistic result, this film has it’s own value as a documentary since some of the protagonists have departed.

Aegis submits a movie with increased value .The work of late Yiannis Lamprou is a precious thought on our culture. A thought on the insuperability of death, loss of love, win of life, music which relates human with God. We believe that a work of such magnitude deserves to be given the proportion that Lamprou dreamed and designed.

Konstantinos Blathras



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